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The first step towards zero.

CO2 assessment made for professional service companies

Get your business carbon footprint and lay the foundations towards becoming climate neutral. We analyse each emission source of your business and give you a custom report on you CO2 footprint.

70% of small and medium sized businesses struggle with sustainability.

That's where Nul comes in.

We exclusively help professional services companies determine the unique carbon footprint of their business and help them take the first steps towards climate neutrality.

How it works

Just like doing your tax each year, carbon accounting should be no different for every company (only a little more enjoyable and impactful).
Eligibility check
Our CO2 assessment is tailored specifically for professional service companies. So we'll first need to check if you are eligible.
Emission assessment questionnaire
You're eligible! This is it. The big step. You answer questions about your business to assess the carbon footprint. The more detailed more more accurate. If you have questions during the process we're available on live chat to assist you.
We analyse your data
Our analysts will review your submitted answers and data about your company. We use these details to calculate your unique climate footprint. We may contact you for more information on certain topics.
Get your climate report
You will receive a detailed climate report about your business. Showing a break of your carbon footprint for the year.
Reduce your impact + Nul Certified
Next steps, is to take action on your footprint. No obligations. This is separate from your climate report. Apply for our carbon neutrality badge and learn about our offset programm and commitment letters.
created for small and medium business

The benefits of climate assessment

We make is easy for you to understand your business's carbon emissions.

Designed for professional service companies

As a professional service company 60% of your emissions comes from your employees. You don't have complex supply chains, manufacturing process or product emissions. And so we've designed our carbon assessment specifically for you to understand your footprint. It's simple and straightforward made for smaller businesses, not the big guys.

Carbon accounting without prior knowledge

As a small/medium sized business we totally understand you may not have an expert to help you with carbon accounting, which is why we've made it super simple to and do-able yourself. No prior knowledge or expert needed, just details about your business and time to complete our assessment. We may ask for more questions if we need to clarify anything with you.

Walk the talk about sustainable practices

If you're reading this you either run and working for a business who takes climate action and reducing your impact seriously. We help you to be able to take the first step and practice what you already preach to your clients and customers. We'll even help you prove your impact with our Certification once you've completed our climate assessment.

Be a climate leader in your industry

95% of small and medium businesses don't take action on climate change. Nul helps you take the first step to understand and improving your overall impact on the world as a business. Set your business apart from the rest by joining Nul and becoming a pioneer in your field who takes climate action. Be a role model for other


We use world-class standards for CO2 measurement

We use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol as a framework to assess your businesses footprint. It's a standard used by 90% of all fortune 500 companies to do their carbon report, meaning we work with the exacts same world standard for carbon reporting that Microsoft, IKEA and Volkswagen use to report their emissions.
As you a design studio, lawyer, gym or other sort of professional service business, your emissions are far less complex with manufacturing processes and product emissions. We've tailored our assessment to fit your size and type of business.

simplicity and ease of use

Designed for professional services companies

Choose from a curated selection of offset projects that are making real impact — such as reforestation, afforestation and conversation projects. More projects are always being added to our marketplace. And we only work with third-party verified offset projects under the Plan Vivo Foundation and Gold Standard certifications.

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Data Accuracy

Individually analyzed by a human

Choose from a curated selection of offset projects that are making real impact — such as reforestation, afforestation and conversation projects. More projects are always being added to our marketplace. And we only work with third-party verified offset projects under the Plan Vivo Foundation and Gold Standard certifications.

Plan Vivo logo in blackGold Standard logo in black
What happens next

After climate assessment

After we've helped you to understand your business' footprint, we don't stop there. It's time to make reduction commitments, create your own offset portfolio and you can apply for Nul Climate Certification—your public impact profile you can use prove your impact and commitments to your customers and stakeholders.

Offset portfolio

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Impact profile

By joining Nul, you'll get access to the Nul Certified Climate Neutral badge. Show proof of your efforts and showcase your impact to the world with this symbol — add this to you website, email signature, marketing material and communication with your customers.

What our customers say about us.

Profile of a young man with a bread and suit on
William Stubbs
Director at spur:
"Nul was a no brainer for us. We’ve covered our whole team on Nul to ensure that we’re walking the walk in pursuit of our mission. I hope one day all businesses offer Nul to employees, as we transition to a carbon-neutral world."
Profile on a young man with a black t-shirt on smiling and standing in front of grey background
Nathan Murphy
Founder of Just Media NetworkQuizbreaker
"I signed up for Nul literally as soon as I found it. We've been looking for a simple way to offset the teams carbon emissions for a while now and this ticks all the boxes."
Profile of a young woman smiling with a scarf  and black t-shirt on standing in front of a pink back ground
Gabi Lim
Founder at Arcadium Adventures & Co-Founder at TRAPT
"I've been systematically trying to reduce our teams impact on the environment,. Signing up for Nul has been super empowering for us to be able to start to better manage our impact. Really looking forward to what's next to come with Nul!"

About us

The path to becoming climate neutral is different for every company, but the first step is always the same. Assess your emissions. We want to make this step as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can focus on the real impact. Reducing your emissions.

SMEs don't have the expertise, time to do it themselves or resources to hire consultants for their carbon accounting. Since measuring your Co2 footprint as a small business is not yet mandatory, current solutions are over featured, technical and made for bigger companies.

In Europe 70% of all business emissions come from SMEs, yet 60% struggle to take the first step.

The frustrating thing is, almost everyone wants to lower their footprint. That's exactly why we founded NUL, to make becoming climate neutral and doing the first step simple and accessible for every company size.

Simple and transparent


We only charge for the actual footprint calculations, meaning only once we have your data and our analysts grind the numbers to get your personal business footprint. As we are currently in the beta testing of the online survey and still optimizing to get the last bit we charge only 99€ per carbon report for the time of our analysts. If you decide to offset your emissions

Here's what you get:
- Carbon footprint report
- One-on-one analyst
- Personal live chat
- Fast delivery
- DSGVO compliant

Assessment PRICE
Usually $2,000 from a consultant.
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Tomorrow is too late.
It's free to get started.

9 out of 10 service companies struggle to take action on sustainability. And that's why we're here to help you take the first step to going zero by helping you team live climate neutral.

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