zero carbon humans.

zero carbon humans.

zero carbon humans.

zero carbon humans.

zero carbon humans.

zero carbon humans.

zero carbon humans.

zero carbon humans.

zero carbon humans.

zero carbon humans.

We help you live carbon neutral by offsetting your personal footprint into a project of your choice.
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A simple step towards carbon neutrality

How it works

1. Personalise account

Start by creating an account and adding a few details to personalise your offset.

2. Choose offset project + amount

Select your offset project and how much you'd like to offset each month.

3. Zero carbon life.

View your offsets live in your dashboard. Gets regular updates from us.

a curated selection

Our offset projects

Verified offsets provided by trusted third-party offset providers such as the United Nations. That way you can be assured your offsets are verifiable, accurate and permanent.

Verified carbon offsets by:
Zero margins on offsets

We forward 100% of the offset price to your chosen project and have no margins on any of our offset projects. Making offsetting more accessible and affordable to all.

Certified projects

We choose our projects and partners carefully. All of them are certified by Plan Vivo or Gold Standard.

Nul certified badge

You'll get access to the Nul certified badges you can use to show off your impact to your customers and users.


Start your journey to lower impact life

Have real impact by offsetting your emissions today and moved towards a more sustainable future lifestyle.

Our projects

Real and effective carbon offset projects

We only partner with projects that actually sequester or mitigate emissions from the atmosphere, such as reforestation, afforestation, avoided deforestation and conservation projects. Just to name afew.

Choose your offset amount

Live carbon neutral or carbon negative.

You choose how much you'd like to offset. From 50% offsets, to our Superhuman plan with 300% of your carbon footprint offset.

Here's what you get:

🌱 Live carbon neutral human
🧘 Choose from 50% - 300% offset each month
🏔️ Select an offset project you'd like to support
🥇 Verified Nul carbon offset badge
🌍 Support disadvantaged and unrepresented communities
👫 Join the (exclusive) carbon zero emisssions club*

*I kid you not, there are only a handful of people on this planet who are living carbon neutral. Becoming one yourself is simple.

Go zero. Get started offsetting

Costs less than a coffee per week. And you'll join a rare group of humans on this planet living carbon neutral/negative.

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