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January 2020
Climate neutral

Climate neutral team by offset

Amber has offset the footprint of each of their employees to help them all live more sustainable lives. And to help reduce the company's overall footprint from Scope 3 emissions.

Total offset amount
100% offset
kilograms CO2e
Offset amount per month
Climate neutral teams
kilograms CO2e
Cars taken off the road
cars removed / year

Chosen offset project

Replanting tropical forests throughout Panama

Panama: provinces Panama, Darien and Veraguas
Project overview

From degraded cattle pasture land to topical forest. This project brings numerous environmental, social and economic benefits together. Vast areas of land are undergoing reforestation, with more than 7.5 million trees planted so far. Local indigenous communities are supported by the project economically, through the carbon credits and by using part of the land for agroforestry to grow cocoa and high quality timber. And 15 endangered species on the Red List now have a place to live again and thrive.

Key benefits

🌱 7.5+ million trees have been planted so far

🦥 15 endangered species on the Red List have their home back

👩‍🚒150 jobs created from agroforestry

📚 Community education and learning about biodiversity and plants

👨‍👩‍👦Financial support for a local schools


Amber gives you real-time access to wholesale energy pricing in Australia. It helps to you know when solar and wind power is being generated and when to use your power at more affordable throughout the day. Amber Electric was born in 2017 out of two dreams: moving the world towards 100% renewable energy and using technology to improve people's lives.

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