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Climate neutral teams.

Nul helps companies to effortlessly offset the personal footprint of each individual employee.

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Made for teams.
Designed to be individual.

We make it effortless to offset each individual employee’s personal carbon footprint. Manage, add, and remove employees with ease as new hires arrive and others move on. We've made Nul to be a personalised experience for each employee in helping them live climate neutral.

Screenshot of Nul's team management page. It shows faces and names of an example team with different offset status, amounts they're offsetting each month, total offset and chosen offset project.
unique Rewards for great teams

A highly impactful employee perk.

Nul is designed as a unique and impactful perk to help you to retain talent, attract new hires. It's the perfect way to give back to employees, while also making them feel and be a part of solution to tackling the carbon footprint of your business.

Conceptual diagram showing profiles of people in a specific company and the amount they've been offset. The diagram is trying to show that different teams and companies offsetting each of their people's footprint.
reforestation and conservation

Certified projects that restore forests.

We have a curated cohort of offset projects that are making real impact — such as reforestation, afforestation and conversation projects. More projects are always being added to our marketplace. And we only work with third-party verified offset projects under the Plan Vivo Foundation and Gold Standard certifications.

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Built for busy startups

The very first step to tackling the footprint of your workplace doesn't need to be complicated, difficult or expensive to get started.
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A giant step towards zero.

Reducing your overall company's emissions is a team effort. For service business and companies that rely on lots of people, ~60% of your emissions are attributed to a single source — your employees.
We give you the tools and effective offset projects to take back control of your biggest emission source and help you to better manage your teams footprint all via our dashboard.

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No headaches. Fully transparent.

We've made our offering clear, simple and fully transparent. Input the data on your team and be a climate neutral company in minutes. Plus you have full access to our ledger so you can see where every cent goes and which projects we are supporting. It's as simple as that.
Do the right thing by the world and your employees and clients will thank you.


How it works

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1. Invite your team

Start by creating an account and inviting your teammates you want to offset.

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2. Do the math

Calculate the exact cost of offsetting your team on a per capita basis.

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3. Go climate neutral

View your offsets in your dashboard. Your team gets regular updates from us.

Diagram showing how Nul works. Greyed out people on the left, representing people are who not climate neutral/offset. Dotted lines guide them through an offset project "Planting trees in the alps" showing the amount offset 24,530 kg CO2e (100% offset). And coming out the other side with gold our each of the peoples' profiles and a tick showing they're climate neutral by offset.
a curated selection

Our offset projects

Verified offsets provided by trusted third-party offset providers. That way you can be assured your offsets are verifiable, accurate and permanent.

Become Climate Neutral Certified.

By joining Nul, you'll get access to the Nul Certified Climate Neutral badge. Show proof of your efforts and showcase your impact to the world with this symbol — add this to you website, email signature, marketing material and communication with your customers.

Certified by Nul — climate neutral badge in white

Our customers already walking the talk.

Profile of a young man with a bread and suit on
William Stubbs
Director at spur:
"Nul was a no brainer for us. We’ve covered our whole team on Nul to ensure that we’re walking the walk in pursuit of our mission. I hope one day all businesses offer Nul to employees, as we transition to a carbon-neutral world."
Profile on a young man with a black t-shirt on smiling and standing in front of grey background
Nathan Murphy
Founder of Just Media NetworkQuizbreaker
"I signed up for Nul literally as soon as I found it. We've been looking for a simple way to offset the teams carbon emissions for a while now and this ticks all the boxes."
Profile of a young woman smiling with a scarf  and black t-shirt on standing in front of a pink back ground
Gabi Lim
Founder at Arcadium Adventures & Co-Founder at TRAPT
"I've been systematically trying to reduce our teams impact on the environment,. Signing up for Nul has been super empowering for us to be able to start to better manage our impact. Really looking forward to what's next to come with Nul!"

simple and transparent

Calculate your team’s carbon footprint

Select the countries where your team is located and how many there are per country. This allows us to make the most accurate calculation.

Team Members in this Country
Based on the number of team members and where they live, we will show the team's total carbon footprint here.
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There are a lot of ways to calculate the impact of each person based on their lifestyle and behaviours. However, taking the average emission per capita of the country ensures that all industries are considered in the calculation, even if that person doesn’t individually perform those activities.
This is a global measure and we use data published by the Joint Research Centre of the European Union for these figures.

Offset your team.

9 out of 10 service companies struggle to take action on sustainability. And that's why we're here to help you take the first step to going zero by helping you team live climate neutral.

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