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Here is our selection of nature-based offset projects. We're adding more over time.

Protecting The Khasi Hills Community

Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, India

This is the first community-based REDD+ program that will protect and restore 27,000 ha of cloud forest, in addition to preserving sacred groves and watersheds. Located in a global biodiversity hotspot, we aim to provide support, new technologies, and financial incentives to conserve existing forests and regenerate degraded ones. Another primary objective is to deliver long-term strategies to address extreme poverty facing rural families, by manufacturing and installing fuel-efficient cookstoves and plans to subsidize the majority of the 5,000 households in the project area. As a result of this, fuelwood consumption and indoor smoke pollution will be reduced, improving forest and family health.

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Avoided deforestation

Restoring degraded grasslands in rural Mongolia

Mongolia — Dundgov, Bayanhongor and Arkhangai provinces

In simple terms, this project helps lushes pastures do their thing by sequestering carbon into the soil, shrub and grass lands, through appropriate cultivation and animal grazing methods. This also encourages soil and plant regeneration to maximise the amount of carbon that is removed from the atmosphere and therefore help reduce the negative effects of climate change. The project does all this, whilst also supporting 140 nomadic herder households through financial support, training and education. Other positives about this project include, rehabilitation of wild species such as the Mongolian Gazelle, Ibex, Red Deer, Marmot and grassland habitats and key forest vegetation areas like Saxaul forests.

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Assisted natural regeneration

Protecting tropical rainforests in Vanuatu

Khole, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Protecting the coastal rainforests of Vanuatu's largest island together with the Serakar Clan of indigenous ni-Vanuatu landowners of the area. The clan consists of five extended families of some 50 individuals descended from Chief Serakar. This projects aims to help protect the forest by supporting these communities financially through carbon offsetting. This protects the native flora and endangered fauna and avifauna. As well as help preserve the land and stunning coast line from erosion during tropical storms.

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Avoided deforestation

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