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German Startup Awards 2021

The biggest startup award in Germany

Berlin, Germany
May 2021
Climate neutral

Impact Profile

The 2021 German Startup Awards is hosted by German Startup Assoication (or Bundesverband Deutsche Startups). It's one of Germany's most famous startup award ceremony taking place in Germany's capital, Berlin. German Startup Association is the representative voice of startups in Germany, spanning more than 1.100 VCs, Startups and Corporate Members. The German Startup Awards are presented in 4 categories and a special category to outstanding personalities of the German startup ecosystem.
Their mission is to create an equal exchange between startups, established business and politics to place the topic of startups on the political agenda.

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Celebrating pioneers. Just like the German Startup awards, we at NUL empower the individual to take a first step into the right direction. For this special event, we teamed up with the Startup Association and calculated the footprint of the entire event. From the emissions created from watching the livestream, to the energy required to power the building,  to the commute of the teams that have made this event possible. All of this has been offset. Offsetting doesn't solve the problem, but it is one of the first initial steps a company can take to move in the right direction.

A big congratulations to all the nominees and winners and the people behind these amazing companies!

We’re Nul  — we help teams go climate neutral with offsetting. If you’d like to find out more how you can do the same for your team, reach out to us.

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