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Delicious Kombucha drinks

March 2021
Climate positive

Impact Profile

Kombuchery aims to establish a healthier and socially-responsible alternative to today's soft drinks with a new functional and low sugar but equally refreshing and tasty beverage. The basis is Chinese organic Sencha green tea and Indian organic FOP black tea with homegrown Kombucha cultures. Fermentation metabolises sugar, produces nutrients and carbon dioxide. During secondary fermentation, fresh organic juices are added and once the sweet and sour taste is achieved, it is filled into glass bottles.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
tonnes CO₂e
% offset
tonnes CO₂e offset)
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Direct emissions
Scope 1
Indirect emissions
Scope 2
Indirect emissions
Scope 3
Total team offset amount
200% offset
kilograms CO2e
Offset amount per month
kilograms CO2e
Cars taken off the road
cars removed / year

Offset project portfolio

Restoring degraded grasslands in rural Mongolia

Mongolia — Dundgov, Bayanhongor and Arkhangai provinces

In simple terms, this project helps lushes pastures do their thing by sequestering carbon into the soil, shrub and grass lands, through appropriate cultivation and animal grazing methods. This also encourages soil and plant regeneration to maximise the amount of carbon that is removed from the atmosphere and therefore help reduce the negative effects of climate change. The project does all this, whilst also supporting 140 nomadic herder households through financial support, training and education. Other positives about this project include, rehabilitation of wild species such as the Mongolian Gazelle, Ibex, Red Deer, Marmot and grassland habitats and key forest vegetation areas like Saxaul forests.

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Assisted natural regeneration


Kombuchery has offset the footprint of each of their bottles they produce. We've helped them to calculated everything from production to the distribution to be climate positive (offset 200% more than what the emissions are).

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