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New Now

Digital design studio

Berlin, Germany
April 2021
Climate neutral

Climate neutral business by offset

New Now has offset their entire operational business footprint based on 2019 estimates and have chosen to go climate neutral.

Total offset amount
100% offset
kilograms CO2e
Offset amount per month
Climate neutral business
kilograms CO2e
Cars taken off the road
cars removed / year

Chosen offset project

Restoring degraded grasslands in rural Mongolia

Mongolia — Dundgov, Bayanhongor and Arkhangai provinces
Project overview

In simple terms, this project helps lushes pastures do their thing by sequestering carbon into the soil, shrub and grass lands, through appropriate cultivation and animal grazing methods. This also encourages soil and plant regeneration to maximise the amount of carbon that is removed from the atmosphere and therefore help reduce the negative effects of climate change. The project does all this, whilst also supporting 140 nomadic herder households through financial support, training and education. Other positives about this project include, rehabilitation of wild species such as the Mongolian Gazelle, Ibex, Red Deer, Marmot and grassland habitats and key forest vegetation areas like Saxaul forests.

Key benefits

⛰ Sequestering carbon through pasture lands using better livestock management

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦Supporting 140 nomadic herders

🦌 Preserving species like Gazelle, Ibex and Marmot

🌱 Reducing erosion of soil and vegetation

🔖 Legally binding agreements to conversation land and habitat


New Now is a digital design (and development) studio based in Berlin. They've worked with brands such as Deutsch Bahn, Red Bull, Spotify, Porche, Lufthansa, SAP, Microsoft just to name a few. They're proactive about 'making the world a better' and having as little impact on the environment as possible.

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