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parsionate Group

Data analytics, digital transformation and IT consultancy.

July 2021
Climate neutral

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parsionate Group is an enterprise IT consultancy firm. They help medium to large businesses with all things data and information management, improving data quality, digital processes, analytics and and more. Taking climate action and reducing their emissions is important to parsionate both as a business value and something they deeply believe needs to be taken seriously by all companies. They're leading the charge as a key role model for the IT consultancy industry.

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Direct emissions
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Indirect emissions
Scope 2
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Offset project portfolio

Replanting tropical forests throughout Panama

Panama: provinces Panama, Darien and Veraguas

From degraded cattle pasture land to topical forest. This project brings numerous environmental, social and economic benefits together. Vast areas of land are undergoing reforestation, with more than 7.5 million trees planted so far. Local indigenous communities are supported by the project economically, through the carbon credits and by using part of the land for agroforestry to grow cocoa and high quality timber. And 15 endangered species on the Red List now have a place to live again and thrive.

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The Nul team has helped parsionate Group to calculated the emissions of their entire business activities (Scope 1-3) for the fiscal year of 2020. This includes, all four of their office locations in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dortmund, München and Amsterdam.

We've calculated the direct emissions from Scope 1 and 2. And for Scope 3 we've calculated emissions from employee commute, home office emissions, company travels, hotel visits, purchased goods, catering, server, capital goods and leased IT equipment. Water and waste averages estimates are also included, plus added extra to ensure all emissions are covered.

We've suggested reduction goals realistic to their business activities and current situation.

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