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Why offset?

Purchase error-free carbon credits to offset unavoidable emissions that would otherwise be impossible to address.

Companies with a real history of using offsets have in place - and have achieved - more advanced carbon reduction strategies than those who don’t.

Carbon financing plays a key role within global efforts to slash emissions and also gives businesses the opportunity to progress in the fight against climate change immediately. It’s the basis on which to build a robust sustainability strategy going forward and a very low-cost action that creates a huge impact.


A dedicated platform to

Monitor your team’s carbon footprint

How it works:


Enter your teammate’s locations


We calculate your total carbon footprint


We offset your team’s CO2 emissions, making you carbon neutral

Become part of the global solution to climate change, support local communities in developing countries and empower them for sustainable growth, meet ESG targets, foster community relations and build brand reputation, engage staff and stakeholders and attract the best talent by funding environmental projects that avoid, reduce and capture CO2e emissions in a credible way.


Nul offers an easy way to

Offset your team’s emissions

Climate change is upon us. To prevent further damage to our future, we should aim to limit global average temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. This corresponds to reducing global annual CO₂ emissions from 40 gigatons per year currently...

To net zero by 2050! This is the biggest challenge the world has ever faced: inventing new ways to undo years of atmospheric damage in record time. We have to drastically slow down the global warming (land & ocean) from 3°C to 1.5°C or we're toast.


Compensate your business emissions

Benefits for a sustainable company
Attract better talent

Studies show (Swytch) that 70% of workers are more likely to apply to a sustainable company. Nearly half of those polled also said that they would take a pay cut if they were working for an environmentally or socially responsible company.

More innovation

Having higher levels of purpose throughout your organisation shows to drive innovation by up to 30% (Deloitte). Simply put, inspire your employees and they will work more creatively. Studies also show more innovative companies outperform the competition.

Appeal to your market

Consumers prefer to buy goods from companies that reflect their values and beliefs when possible, studies show (Accenture). 62% of consumers polled said that they would choose companies that aligned with their interests.

Create a community

It has been shown that brands who show a strong purpose in the eyes of consumers are recommended 4.5 times more to friends and family (Zeno Group) than brands without. Build impact and build yourself a pack of stark-raving fans.

Employee engagement

The average costs of disengaged employees is between $3,400 and $10,000 per year - studies have shown. This costs companies $350B per annum (Gallup) in the US alone. Buck the trend. Inspire your people and do better business.

Outperform the market

The most compelling evidence (EY) shows that purposeful companies outperform the stock market by 42% and companies without a sense of purpose within their mission/vision underperform the market by an average on 40% across the board. Incredible.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?


We support a number of different CCR (Carbon Capture and Removal) projects around the world.

One carbon credit represents one metric ton of CO2(e) that has been reduced, removed or avoided by either reducing and avoiding deforestation, decarbonising electricity grids, improving energy efficiency, restoring soil, protecting biodiversity and applying frontier technology to sequester carbon from land, air and sea.

Most carbon offsetting projects also bring additional advantages to local communities where they are  based – often in developing countries and they are all subject to a science-based analytical model and ongoing verification program.

Would I have any certification for it?


Yes.  We stick to the highest-standard credits from Verra, Gold Standard and Plan Vivo.  These are the top carbon credit certifiers, who provide us with a verified amount of CO2 actually sequestered though these projects.  The credits can be retired under Athyna or under your company’s name (depending on the availability of projects) and all the certificates and registry links are published on our website and updated every six months.

You also get a carbon-neutrality certifying badge with our name for your website and comms.

How does billing work? Can I include more team members later?


Billing is very simple. It's like any other SaaS or monthly subscription service, in which we charge you on a monthly basis according to the amount of employees you want to offset, and it is renewed automatically.

You can add new employees as your company grows and also remove the ones who move on, anytime!  You’ll have a dedicated dashboard to monitor your team’s carbon footprint and offsets.  

So you’ll pay a monthly recurrent fee based on the tonnes of CO2 that each teammate emits, which depends on the country they reside in.

What is a Carbon Credit?


A carbon credit is a standard measure of 1 tonne of CO2 (carbon dioxide) that has been reduced from climate impact. Whether this is because it was captured from the atmosphere, or because a certain amount of trees were avoided from being cut down.

International regulators such as Verra, Gold Standard and Plan Vivo provide a limited amount of these credits to independent projects as a way for financing non-profit endeavours that help fight  climate change. Each credit is tallied and registered in a public ledger to ensure they are unique and can’t be attributed or sold more than once.  

Carbon credits exist to help create and fund these environmental projects that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

How are emissions calculated?


There are a lot of ways to calculate the impact of each person based on their lifestyle and behaviours. However, taking the average emission per capita of the country ensures that all industries are considered in the calculation, even if that person doesn’t individually perform those activities. This is a global measure and we use the data published by the Joint Research Centre of the European Union for these figures: [JRC Publications Repository - Fossil CO2 emissions of all world countries - 2020 Report (] (

This is why our solution is specially designed for startups and SMBs: our businesses are conducted mostly online, we’re not engaged in any kind of manufacturing activities and don’t travel a lot - so the average per capita emission factor is a suitable measure.

What is your transparency policy?


We have a public ledger where we display all the carbon credits we retire. On top of that, you will receive detailed information on how many carbon credits have been applied to each project with your contributions.   Public Ledger (

How do you charge commission?


In our emission offset program we strive to maximize the impact we provide to our partners that provide us the carbon credits. Having said that, we charge healthy margins for operational costs and growth. We believe the bigger we are the more good we can do. In no way is this a non-for-profit or not-for-much-profit endeavour.

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