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Pricing varies depending on the amount of people in your team
and their location. Use our calculator below to find the exact cost
of offsetting your business.

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Calculate your team’s carbon footprint

Select the countries where your team is located and how many there are per country. This allows us to make the most accurate calculation.

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Based on the number of team members and where they live, we will show the team's total carbon footprint here.
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There are a lot of ways to calculate the impact of each person based on their lifestyle and behaviours. However, taking the average emission per capita of the country ensures that all industries are considered in the calculation, even if that person doesn’t individually perform those activities.
This is a global measure and we use data published by the Joint Research Centre of the European Union for these figures.

different options for you

Take action towards net zero emissions
You can choose how much you would like to offset each of your team members by each month. We give 100% of the offset funds directly to the projects.
Carbon neutral

Offset 100% of your team's emissions. Or the equivalent of 1x human being offset.

For most humans wanting to neutralize their carbon footprint, this is the monthly offset for you.

Carbon neutral

Offset 200% of emissions of your team's emissions. Or the equivalent of 2x humans offset for every one.

For humans wanting to double their positive impact, like offsetting for you and your twin.

carbon negative + +

Offset 300% of your team's emissions. Or the equivalent of 3x humans offset for every one.

For jetsetters and incredible teams who just want to make a hugely positive impact on the world.

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