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Nul exists to bridge the gap between big companies, who have ample access to high-quality carbon credits and startups and small businesses who want to get in the front foot with a robust climate strategy. That’s why we make it super easy to offset each employee’s CO2 emissions every month - based on the country they reside in.

By funding the world’s best carbon capture and removal projects, we enable you to take meaningful climate action now.  Nul is a dedicated platform to monitor and offset your team’s carbon footprint in a very easy way.

A recent study from Boston Consulting Group found that 87% of consumers believe companies should integrate environmental concerns into their products, services and operations to a greater extent than they have in the past.


Nul is a convenient monthly subscription that allows companies to reduce emissions as quickly as possible, protect natural carbon sinks and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Our mission

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Make your team proud of taking meaningful action to tackle climate change!

We’ve designed Nul as a unique and impactful perk to give business owners and managers visibility of their climate strategy.  Nul is a powerful cultural tool that helps companies hire and retain the best talent, increase brand value and expand their customer base.  

Manage, add, and remove teammates with ease as new hires arrive and others move on. Nul provides businesses with the flexibility needed to undertake ambitious targets while at the same time financing projects that reduce emissions credibly.


Our value

Our subscription plans are based on calculations of individual carbon footprints, and there are a lot of ways to calculate the impact each person has based on their lifestyle and behavior. However, taking the average emission per capita of each country ensures that all industries and economic sectors are considered in the calculation, even if the person being offset doesn’t individually perform those activities.

We use data published by the Joint Research Center from the European Union and charge a flat fee per carbon tonne effectively avoided, reduced or sequestered from air, land and sea.  We only offer projects that are subject to a science-based analytical model and an independent ongoing verification program.  All retired credits are published on our website and we share that information once every six months.

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Become Climate Neutral Certified.

By joining Nul, you'll get access to the Nul Certified Climate Neutral badge. Show proof of your efforts and showcase your impact to the world with this symbol — add this to you website, email signature, marketing material and communication with your customers.

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Start taking action on sustainability! Let us help you take the first step to going climate neutral.

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