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Is carbon the next gold rush? [Video]

Video transcript

Our first Sustainability Meetup Berlin. We held a panel discussion talking with Berlin's heavy weights in the sustainability industry experts about whether carbon is the next 'gold rush'.

The panel included:

  • Lubomila Jordanova (Founder & CEO) at Plan A
  • Dr. Oliver Geden (Head of EU/Europe Research Division) at Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) — an Author on an IPCC report on climate mitigation
  • Milan Hänsel (Tree and reforestation expert) at Heu und Holz
  • Benjamin Lawless (Researcher and previous environmental attorney) at NewClimate Institute & Robert Bosch Stiftung

In the 1800s we had the gold rush. In the 1900s the rush for oil began. And now in the 2000s there is a new resource that is abundant to the planet, one that could be mined, absorbed, or sequestered almost anywhere; a commodity that could become highly valuable in future, though currently is one of our biggest problems we need to tackle. We are of course talking about carbon dioxide and relative (CO2e).

Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we've been ignorant of their value.

— Buckminster Fuller

Most plans about how to shrink our global carbon footprint focus on reducing future emissions, but tonight we'll be discussing what to do with emissions that exist in our atmosphere today. Together with the wonderful minds of our panelists, we'll be discussing how existing carbon emissions are removed from our planet, we'll learn what this means for both the rate of climate change and what opportunities and innovation we'll need for the future. ( and WunderTree ( have teamed up together to bring you a panel discussion with a little extra flavour than your typical on-stage conversation. Besides bringing you a fine selection of expert individuals from different companies and organisations whose work in focused on reducing global carbon emissions, we also have a few surprises planned to improve the panel experience for you.

The event was co-hosted by and — these guys do sustainable Christmas trees. Here's the WunderTree speel. They're also a Berlin based startup that is reshaping the Christmas Tree industry towards a circular model. WunderTree allows customers to order online premium quality Christmas Tree that's alive in the pot. WunderTree then deliver the Christmas Tree and pick it up again before replanting it in a forest near Berlin. In 2019, WunderTree sold out of all stock inside two weeks, of which, 97% survived to be replanted.

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