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Why you should offset your team in 2021

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Carbon offsetting programs minimize carbon emission on organizational, government, and individual levels. 

Organizations talk about sustainability and offsetting all the time, but very few of them integrate environment-friendly practices. Carbon emission is increasing abruptly, which is a serious concern for everyone. Very few organizations have systematic sustainability oversight and the few have worked to establish carbon-neutral teams. 

Being an organization, it’s important to learn why you should build carbon-neutral teams. Let’s talk about how you impact the environment through sustainability and offsetting. 

About carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality is creating a balance between carbon emission and carbon absorption. Over the years, organizations are adding to the global carbon emission. Shifting towards sustainable and environment-friendly processes is a quite complex and expensive integration. 

But, organizations have the option to emit carbon somewhere else and absorb carbon somewhere else. It’s becoming a popular adoption worldwide as organizations are taking it as their corporate social responsibility to offset their carbon footprints to protect the climate.

Why offset your employees?

Today, everyone is concerned about the planet and its altering climate. Even those directly not involved in carbon emission think they have a part to play to improve the climate. 

As an organization, you can offer to offset as an employee perk. It will not just help you play your part in your organization's carbon neutrality, but you’ll attract potentially competitive employees to work for you. 

If you offer a commuting facility to your employees, you are certainly adding to the carbon emission. By offsetting your employees, you can neutralize carbon emissions from employee commute and other carbon emissions related to employees.

Here’s how you can establish carbon-neutral teams in your organization:
1. Acknowledge your organization’s impact on the environment

Everything starts with acknowledgment. First off, you need to realize and assess the carbon emission of your organization. You should work with experts to assess and calculate the carbon emission per employee. For your organization, becoming net-zero is where sustainability lies. 

2. Create a viable roadmap

Before your organization creates a roadmap, determine your end goal or north star. Whether you want to become carbon neutral or carbon negative depends on various factors. 

Offsetting is a great way to become carbon neutral. If you can’t control your carbon emission or mitigate it, then offset your employees.

3. Apply the strategy organization-wide

Don’t limit your carbon neutral program to a certain department or tier. Instead, embed your carbon neutral strategy organization-wide. Assess each employee's carbon footprint and buy carbon credit for every employee of your organization to fully build carbon neutral teams. 

4. Collaborate

You can’t become carbon neutral overnight. It’s a constant process that keeps going, and ultimately you become carbon negative, meaning your role towards carbon absorption is higher than carbon emission. 

As an organization, you should offset your team to play your part in environment protection and offer it as an employee perk. 

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