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Why Never Before Seen took their offsetting step



Never Before Seen is a fast, scalable, and totally on-demand, product design studio built for fast-growing startups. They are based out of Melbourne, Australia and they work with only the best early-stage startups taking ideas from back-of-the-napkin to MVP.

After working both inside and as a contractor to numerous startups, Founder, Jeremy Blaze grew frustrated with agencies we engaged with high fees, slow turnarounds and limited flexibility. Never Before Seen came out of a desire to create an agency tailored specifically to the agile, fast-paced startup environment.

Whilst working with more and more early stage startups it became apparently that these brand “really want to work with sustainable vendors and partners” Blaze said, prompting him to partner with Nul on their own internal impact & sustainability plans.

The Story of Never Before Seen

Over the past seven plus years, Jeremy’s life has largely revolved around startups. He’d been fortunate enough to witness the successes (and failures) of dozens of early-stage companies first-hand, as both employee and contractor.

A lot of his time at these companies saw him procuring services from agencies, freelancers and the like to do the work our small, time-poor internal teams couldn't handle, however he found most vendors just couldn't keep up. This lead him to found Never Before Seen late 2018, a product design studio working exclusively with early and growth stage startups, and tailored specifically to their needs.

Jeremy has also founded and co-founded a number of my own startups and products along the way including Enpose – a screenshot API which was acquired in 2018, NOOK – a venue check-in system for COVID-19, and most recently Mast.

On a personal note, founder Jeremy is also an avid traveller and outdoorsman, spending years travelling and 4-week driving around Australia and the world.

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We offset with Athyna for two reasons really. Firstly, because I am highly conscious of how far we are behind the 8-ball with the UN climate goals and secondly because we know we are at a disadvantage because consumers, especially in Australia and wanting to see where you stand on impact and sustainability.

Jeremy Blaze I Founder
Restoring Luangwa Community Forests
Protecting tropical rainforests in Vanuatu
Avoided deforestation
Conserving The Khasi Hills community forests
Avoided deforestation

The ease and transparency of working with Athyna

Never Before Seen had begun looking for reliable offsetting partners in early 2021 but had been frustrated with what was out there. A lack of transparency, untrustworthy brands and very murky calculation processes meant that Jeremy and the team actually paused the push to offset their team until 2022.

”When we met with Athyna it was great because they ticked all the boxes that were important to us. They were transparent, the process was simple and the brand really stood up. Basically, we felt we could trust them” quoted Jeremy.

After offsetting with Athyna, Never Before Seen now feel quite confident that they are at least doing the minimum in relation to their sustainability plans. “This has helped boost engagement with our team and tick a box for our clients”. Jeremy and the team have plans to do a deeper dive into reviewing their processes and reducing their emissions in 2023

If you, like Athyna are looking at offsetting the carbon emissions of your team to drive engagement and foster culture reach out. We’d be happy to help!


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UN’s SDGs pursued


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