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How Percent turned their team carbon neutral in the simplest way possible



Percent powers purpose across the globe by creating unique charitable giving experiences.  A single platform that automates donating to any good cause around the world and makes it easy for businesses to build good into what they do.

Seeking to make sustainability an edge for their customers, Percent considers Nul a valuable partner.  Carbon offsetting is core to Percent’s impact culture, and Nul provided the exact perk they needed to attract and engage the best talent.

The story of Percent

Before the pandemic, Percent was a retail donation app, where people chose which charity they wanted to support and Percent would make it super simple for them to do it in real time.

Percent’s vision at that moment was to accelerate their donating mechanism moving forward and be able to put purpose into any enterprise.  So when the pandemic happened and they effectively lost their whole retail network, they decided to pull the growth levers.  Now their customers can quickly build many types of giving into their products with Percent’s easy-to-use API, SDKs and pre-built components, driving NPS, engagement and customer acquisition as a result.

The main goal of Percent is to maximize the amount of money nonprofits get.  And so far in 2022, they’ve moved 63 million dollars of donations to charities.

The challenge of finding a simple way to offset

Being a purposeful business demands having a solid sustainability strategy, where credible carbon offsets are a must.  And Percent was not looking for just virtual signalling, but for a strong impact action that would be added to every employee’s account.  So that if you work at Percent, you’re effectively carbon neutral.  But where to start?  They didn’t have time or money to spend in services of any kind.  They needed a website that did it in the simplest way possible.  That’s how they came across Nul - and it was so much simpler than the others!  With Percent’s workforce increasingly moving between countries, Nul is the perfect offseting partner for them.

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The discussion about the company’s climate responsibility was brought up at various occasions, the fact that we’ve been living carbon neutral for the past three years. That’s the way we do it. And when new starters join us, we communicate to them that they are effectively living carbon neutral as part of their employment with us.

Taina Silingardi I People & Culture Manager
Restoring Luangwa Community Forests
Protecting tropical rainforests in Vanuatu
Avoided deforestation
Conserving The Khasi Hills community forests
Avoided deforestation

Why Percent Chose Nul

“Offsetting is a relatively straightforward thing to be done.  And we didn’t want just virtual signaling, but actually do it and add it to everyone’s account.

At first the majority of us were in the UK, but then some started moving, and now our staff is distributed across many different countries.  So having the ability to choose the country of residence of our teammates is actually great!”, said Joylon Hogarth-Scott.

Since working with Nul, Percent counts carbon neutrality as another outstanding value of their culture.  They are now able to attract and engage the best talent, and also share with everyone how sustainability is key to their success.

If you, like Percent are looking at offsetting the carbon emissions of your team to drive engagement and appeal to your market, reach out. We’d be happy to help!


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Pilar Paniagua
Business Development Manager at Nul

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