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How Athyna created a culture of impact

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Athyna is a global talent platform that helps hire, manage and retain world class global talent and they are a proud user of Nul. The team at Athyna believe in brand and culture above and else and also believe in doing their part to help the planet.

By offsetting with Nul the team at Athyna have cited improved engagement from both customers and internal team members. In conjunction with offsetting Athyna actually invest 5% of their revenue into impact driven startups and climate-tech.

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The story of Athyna

Athyna was founded in 2019 and began doing great things in the talent acquisition space. They have grown leaps and bounds in their first 4 years as a company and now occupy space in the hot HR Tech industry. They are a US company, founded in Australia, with a team of 55 across the globe.

The team at Athyna have basically scaled to Series A revenue without taking on any external investment and in that time have been able to attract talent to their team from Meta, Amazon, Uber, Rappi, WeWork, Oracle and more. They credit their ability to attract incredible talent to the fact that they have “Over-indexed on brand and culture since day 1” - says Founder and CEO, Bill Kerr. “If you have an incredible brand you attract world class talent to work with you and if you have a great culture that incredible talent is motivated to do their best work” he goes on to say.

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Offsetting through Nul has been a fantastic decision for us. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it just gave us an incredible boost to our brand culture. Two things we lean on heavily and are a huge part of our success.

Taina Silingardi    
I   Manager People & Culture Manager

The challenge of finding reliable carbon offsets

Before finding Nul, Athyna had a really confusing and drawn out process of time finding high quality carbon offsets with a provider that they trusted. “It just seemed very confusing and messy from our initial research” says People & Culture Manager, Taina Silingardi.

The industry is quite young and for a number of reasons it was clear that they wanted to have a provider to partner with that gave full transparency as to where the offsets were going but also giving them the ability to offsets region specifically for their global team. For this reason, Athyna were excited to find Nul. An organisation that they could trust, and that prided itself on transparency and had the ability to offset accurately across the globe.

”We have employees in 5 different continents, and I didn’t really want to just bundle them under the 1 umbrella. If we wanted to offset the team we wanted to be able to do it properly” Bill Kerr said.

Since working with Nul, Athyna have been able to show their customer, employees, talent, investors and allies that they are a mission driven organisation, meaning higher retention, faster growth a stronger brand and more.

If you, like Athyna are looking at offsetting the carbon emissions of your team to drive engagement and foster culture reach out. We’d be happy to help!

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